How to call from private fake number?-2023

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Friends, if you want to call someone again and again through fake number call or unknown number. So you have come to the right place, today in this post we are going to tell you how you can make a private call or fake call to anyone’s number.

Not just once but as many times as you want, you can enjoy calling anyone from a private number.

How to call anyone from private or fake number:

Friends, today I am going to tell you about an application using which you can call anyone unknown.

Call India This Call India app is a free app and a completely safe app.

With this, your date will be completely safe or your mobile will not be harmed in any way. Friends, let us tell you why. Because there are many such fake call or private call apps on the internet and some of these apps are dangerous for your mobile.

For example, if you install any third party app in your mobile then the mobile will start getting heated. What’s more, some of those apps are such that as soon as you install them, your private data goes to them.

That is why we have done some research and brought you this application for your safety.

And friends, the best thing is that the application is made in India or you can easily get it on Play Store.

By the way, friends, I myself sometimes use this app to harass my friends.

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How to make fake call from Call India app?

Step.1: Go to your Play Store and search Call India in the search bar and after searching you will see the logo of the app in the result.

  1. Download it by clicking on download.
  2. After downloading, you have to install and open it.
  3. After opening you have to allow some permissions.

Step.2: As soon as you enter with permission, you will be shown the interface exactly like the one shown in the above screen shot.

Fake call

Step.3: Now you will need credit to call someone from an unknown number.

After downloading you will be given 1000 credits for free and you can talk to us by calling for one minute. After exhausting 1000 credits you need credit again to make calls.

Right now you might be wondering where will we get credit from or do we have to pay some money.

So friends, we tell you that you are as you think. Well not at all.

We will tell you how to accumulate credit to make your next private or unknown call, absolutely free.

Friends, you will be given an option there which you get 150 times a day.

You can earn credit by clicking USP 150 times or you can get at least 150-200 credit by clicking once.

And in the second option, you have to watch a 15 second ad and you also get 100-150 credits in one ad. And in the third option, you get 500-1000-1500 such credits by checking in daily, by doing this you can easily earn 9000-10000 credits in a day.

This means you can make private calls to anyone every 5-10 minutes without paying any money.

Or if you need a little more credit in a day and you can pay a little at a time

So just Rs 80 can get me Rs 50,000 credit.


Q.1: How do I make my number private number?
A.1: Using this code *67 to hide your number, One of the most widely recognized techniques for making a private call is to use *67 (distinct from *69, which is employed for returning calls from unknown numbers). To conceal your phone number on the recipient’s Caller ID, simply dial *67 before entering the phone number.

Q.2: What is the app for fake numbers?

A.2: Burner out as the most dependable and comprehensive virtual phone number application on the . It offers top-tier calling and texting functionalities, which encompass features like call blocking, muting, and a do-not-disturb setting. Additionally, it provides the convenience of seamlessly switching between phone lines when required.

Or Han, if you have any question please do leave it in the comment box, we will reply you very soon.

NOTE👽👉This information is only for education purpose plz.. do not misuse it.

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