How to Hack WhatsApp In 2023-2024, 3 Easy Way

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How to hack WhatsApp

How to Hack WhatsApp In 2024 – Friends, if you want to hack someone’s WhatsApp, even your girlfriend’s or your friends’ WhatsApp. So no problem, in today’s post we will tell you complete information about how anyone’s WhatsApp is hacked.

How to Hack WhatsApp In 2023

In today’s post, we are going to tell you something that by reading this you can easily hack the WhatsApp of your girlfriend or friends. So friends, if you want to hack any app then it is very important for you to have complete information about it first.

So let’s get some information about WhatsApp before hacking it. So friends, today every person in the world uses a smartphone or WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, all these applications come by default in the new smartphone.

Or every person who uses a smartphone uses a few applications.

Friends, do you know that everyone uses all these applications but you keep an eye on all these applications.

Meaning, where you are, where you go, what you are doing, where you are going to go, all this can be spied on by anyone with the help of this application.

So we are going to talk about this topic. If you also want to monitor someone using this application, then you can do this work by hacking one of these WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.

How to hack whatsapp some new ways 2023

Today we are telling you about 5 tricks or some spy applications using which you can hack anyone’s WhatsApp.

Or you can see his video, photo, personal details, WhatsApp contact, all this.

      • Hacking WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web
      • Hacking WhatsApp by Call Forwarding and Call Verification
      • message verification portal

How to hack WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web

First of all, you have to hack whose WhatsApp you want. Just want to take his mobile for a few seconds under some pretext. And open the browser in your laptop or PC and search.

As soon as you search WhatsApp Web, a QR code will open in the result.

After opening WhatsApp, you have to click on the three dots at the top as shown in the screen shot. After clicking on the three dots, you will be shown some options there, click on the three numbered option on WhatsApp Web.

how to hack whatsapp

After clicking on WhatsApp Web, the camera of our mobile will open. Scan the QR code. As soon as you scan the QR code, its complete WhatsApp will open in your mobile.

Meaning it will be completely hacked.

how to hack whatsapp

Now even after giving back his mobile, you can see everything on your laptop or PC. His photos, WhatsApp contacts, which WhatsApp he has chatted with will now be under your control.

Even if you want to chat with someone, you can do so.

How to hack WhatsApp by call forwarding and call verification?

In this method, you will first have to hack your victim’s call and then just get the call forwarding done on your number. If you have done call forwarding and can run WhatsApp on your mobile itself, then let us know how you will do all this. Now you are wondering how to do call forwarding, then you do not need to worry at all because we will tell you that too.

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How to do call forwarding to hack WhatsApp?

So friends, if you want to hack WhatsApp by doing call forwarding then it is very easy, you just have to enter a code.

You have to take the mobile phone of the person whose WhatsApp you want to hack for a few seconds. As soon as you receive the call, go to the dial keypad and dial this code: *21*Your Number#. Enter this code.

That’s it, your work is done. Call forwarding was also done.

Now you have to go to WhatsApp on your mobile and logout your WhatsApp.

So that you can hack your victim’s WhatsApp and run it on your mobile. Now we need the number of the victim whose WhatsApp you want to hack. To hack WhatsApp above you just have to enter the same number which you used for call forwarding. After entering the number, you will see call verification, click on it.

Then after some time you will get a call from WhatsApp company, then we have to receive the call, as soon as we receive the call, it will tell you a 6 digit code, you have to go to WhatsApp and enter that code, as soon as you enter the code, we will get the complete WhatsApp hack of the victim. Will be done.

Now you will have complete control.

How to hack WhatsApp by message verification?

The method of hacking WhatsApp through message verification is also similar. As if you have hacked WhatsApp through call verification, in this method you just have to click on OTP instead of call.

After doing this you will receive a text message OTP. As soon as you enter the OTP, your entire WhatsApp will be under your control, just like above.

How to hack WhatsApp

5 such SPY applications that hack WhatsApp

    1. SPYmayPhone
    2. mSpy
    3. Spyera
    4. AppSpy
    5. FlexiSpy

Friends, if you want detailed information about this spy application, then please let me know, we will tell you about this spy application in the next post.

FAQs  (How to hack WhatsApp)

Q.1: How do hackers access your WhatsApp?

A.1: Is WhatsApp Vulnerable to Hacking? Your WhatsApp account could be compromised if you interact with a malicious link from an unfamiliar contact or unintentionally share data with a malicious actor. To enhance your account’s security and minimize the risk of unauthorized access, consider enabling two-step verification within your account settings.

Q.2: Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?

A.2: YES Absolutely, if they gain access to your WhatsApp local or cloud backup.

NOTE👽👉This information is only for education purpose plz.. do not misuse it.

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